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Death on the Beach

May 8, 2008

At 6:36 am on February 18, 2007, the body of 21-year-old Joshua Whittier was found on the beach in Navarre, Florida. According to police reports and autopsy results, Josh’s death was caused by accidental drowning.


Melody Grell, Josh’s mother, initially accepted those findings. But a couple of weeks after her son’s death, disturbing information began to come to light, causing Melody to have second thoughts about how and why Josh ended up dead on that beach. The more she learned the more convinced she became that his death may not have been an accident at all.


Armed with an increasing number of questions and new evidence, Melody began her quest for authorities to take another look at Josh’s case. For the past 14 months she has been engaged in an often frustrating and uphill struggle to get answers to her questions and make sure all the evidence is examined.


Although Melody began her battle alone, she’s picked up some allies along the way. A former police officer-turned-reporter, a retired homicide detective with 30 years experience, a private investigator, and a forensic pathologist have offered helping hands. But to date her efforts to attain justice have hit a dead end. 

On May 7 Melody discussed her story on my Blog Talk Radio program. Joining us was David Craig, an investigative reporter with Reality News Network ( who has been researching and reporting the story.

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