Survivors of Murder Victims


Denny Griffin, Crime Wire

Over the past several years Crime Wire has profiled a large number of unsolved murder cases. Many of them are “cold” and have been inactive for years or sometimes decades. The survivors we deal with often believe the police did a poor investigation that contributed to a solvable case going unsolved and cold.

Our new Crime Wire Case Review Service (CWCRS) was formed to help survivors resolve their doubts about the quality of the investigation. Our panel of investigators, analysts and advocates will examine the case documents and render an opinion as to whether the initial investigation was adequate and appropriate; things were missed or not followed-up on; or that advances in technology (particularly DNA) that weren’t available at the time of the murder may now prove beneficial. This service is provided pro bono.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle a survivor is likely to face when preparing their submission is a lack of police reports. Because unsolved murder cases remain open (even if inactive) most police agencies tend to refuse to release any information at all, or  at least nothing relating to their investigation. The inability to be able to see those important documents obviously limits the effectiveness of the review.

However, all submissions, even those without police reports, will be given consideration for review.




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2 Responses to “Survivors of Murder Victims”

  1. Herbert walker Says:

    What u do when law enforcement is to blame l had a lawere who was shister
    Rangers sync off sherif report
    Have had shots fired into office
    911 call change from medical to domestic call
    Would u call 911 if u lost son after 911 call

  2. H H Says:

    Check out the Austin “Yogurt Shop Murders.” On December 6, 1991, someone murdered Jennifer and Sarah Harbison, Eliza Thomas and Amy Ayers in an I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt! store. Four teens were convicted, then their convictions tossed. I feel the cops targeted them in error, and they refuse to consider other suspects. In the meantime, this case is cold.

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