Crime Wire Internet Radio Announces Crime Wire Case Review Services

Mission Statement

The purpose of Crime Wire Case Review Services (CWCRS) is to provide answers to questions and concerns regarding the death investigation of your loved one. A volunteer panel of forensic, law enforcement and investigative professionals will provide an independent objective viewpoint based on existing evidence and/or records submitted to CWCRS for review. These experts evaluate materials looking for evidence that needs to be followed up, findings that may have been misinterpreted, areas that need further investigation and inconsistencies or conflicting information.

CWCRS is not an investigative agency and it does not charge any fees for its services. Below are things we are unable or able to do.CWCRS Volunteers Cannot:

 Investigate a case

 Serve as an “expert” witness

 Identify a suspect

CWCRS Volunteers CAN:

 Seek additional expert opinions as needed

 Provide answers

 Offer suggestions regarding further action

 Provide information to help re-open a case

 Help a family obtain a sense of resolution about a loved one’s sudden death

 Concur with original findings

In most cases, families will receive a written opinion of the case.

Please keep in m mind that CWCRS reviews cases—we do not investigate. That means the value of the review—or whether we can even perform one—will depend on the number of reports, other documents and photos you are able to provide. The more information the Panel members have to look at, the better.

If you are interested in having a review done and believe you have in your possession or can gather sufficient materials, please send an email requesting submission guidelines to with “Case Review” in the Subject line.


Denny Griffin, co-host of Crime Wire





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