Larry Neumann may officially be credited with two more murders

Chicago Channel 5 and the Chicago Sun Times have broken stories that deceased mobster Larry Neumann may have been the killer in a pair of 27-year-old McHenry County, Illinois murders.

You can see the article at,mchenry-cold-case-holly-hager-121808.article or view the video at

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7 Responses to “Larry Neumann may officially be credited with two more murders”

  1. 1954mademan Says:

    If you want to see a great realistic mob movie in the making check out a movie that is being filmed in NJ relative to the South Boston Irish Mafia, The NJ Mob and the NY Family. as they film they are giving little tidbits of the film online! CIAO

  2. Kevin Rix Says:

    I was born & raised on the Northwest side. Used to go to Genes Deli in the late 80’s to early 90’s back when Willie Mesino, John DiFronzo, Salvatore Delaruentis & others would have breakfast there everyday. Untill William Romer’s book ”The War Of The Godfathers.” came out. In the back of the book ”even though the book was fictional.” he had pictures of about 90% of the Chicago Outfit. Where some of them hungout, License plate numbers, I.R#’s E.T.C. After that damn book came out my friends & I saw the ”Crowd of guy’s.” slowly dwindle @ Genes Deli 2202 N Harlem Ave. Elmwood Park, Il. I recal one morning about six months after the book was published, Wille Messino said to myself & two of my ”Mob Watching Friends.” ”Hey, what you kids comin in here every morning for? You’s like gettin your pictures taken by the Feds or sumthin?.” None of us replied in shock that Willie Messino just spoke to us after all these years. The next day the word was everywhere that the Feds had placed a hidden camera for survailance across the the street from Gene’s. We quit going after that. So did Willie. Anyway I enjoy your work keep it up.

  3. Joseph Fosco Says:

    Dear Kevin Rix,
    I spent several hours a day sometimes seven days a week with Willie for nearly 10-years. I cannot picture him making the comment that you claim he made to you and I had breakfast with him at Gene’s Deli for many years up until the summer of 2002, which was well after you claim that he stopped going there.
    Joe Fosco, American News Post

  4. Kevin Rix Says:

    Oh Joe when will you ever shut your trap? Nobody listens to a word you say. I was there dont know about you now other than your name is mud in ”certain.” circles… Google your name & see for yourself.

  5. Hakon Says:

    Kevin Rix saying someone elses name is mud?

    Mr. ATF CI 1016 himself?

    Anyone associating with Rix is at risk. He is still living on the NW Side, and still testifying and informing for the ATF and various other agencies.

  6. JohnK Says:

    What ever happened to Gene’s Deli and it’s owner? Loans, gambling? I grew up around there and frequented the place my whole life until the late 90’s.

  7. Boyd Corbet Says:

    drag the songs

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