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Another Mobster Checks Out

July 26, 2008

Frank “the German” Schweihs died in Chicago Wednesday night. The alleged hit man had avoided being prosecuted during the Operation Family Secrets trial last summer due to poor health. His trial was pending at the time of his death. You can see the Chicago Tribune article by clicking on┬áthe link below.,0,6657381.story


Carl Deluna Dies

July 24, 2008

Former Kansa City mob underboss Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna passed away on July 21 from natural causes. He was 81. In the 1995 movie Casino, a character based on DeLuna kept detailed records of organized crime’s Las Vegas casino skimming operations. In real life, DeLuna did in fact keep such records, which were seized in an FBI raid on his home in 1979. Those documents eventually led to the conviction of several mobsters, including DeLuna himself, for their roles in the skim.