Death on the Beach – Update

Bereaved mother Melody Grell met with the Santa Rosa County, Florida,  Sheriff on May 20. He agreed to re-open the investigation into the February 2007 death of her son Josh.  The young detective that handled the case originally will not be heading the new inquiry. This makes the second state agency to recently acknowledge that there may have been problems with how the first investigation was handled.

It appears that Melody’s own persistence – and the assistance of others who support her – is making headway in her quest for justice.


2 Responses to “Death on the Beach – Update”

  1. Cynthia Robinson Says:

    I am an acquaintance of Melody and I have been praying for this to happen. I knew, as soon as she allowed me to view the documents related to her son’s death, that this death was NOT an Accidental Drowning!
    I am so happy for her and I hope that she receives resolution and all the answers she and her family deserve. I am rooting for her!
    I will continue to hold her in my thoughts and prayers.
    Good luck, Melody. I will celebrate your victory!

    Love, Cynthia

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