Frank’s First Brinks Job

cullotta-cover-web.jpgExcerpted from CULLOTTA – The Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster, and Government Witness.

Frank took advantage of having inside help available to steal money from an armored truck. The father of one of his friends worked as a janitor in a garage that serviced Brinks vehicles. The father used to tell his son how careless the Brinks drivers were with their keys, the way they left them laying around.

Frank made a proposition to his friend that the father grab one of the keys that would fit the back door of a two-man armored truck. He told him he’d get the key duplicated and return it before anyone realized it was missing. It would be imperative that he also be given the number of the truck the key went with.

The father came through, and for the next week Frank followed the truck on its route, always using a different car. He chose a weekday for the actual heist. The truck stopped at a big shopping mall and both of the guards went inside. Frank rolled up in the work car, opened the back door and grabbed four bags of money. There was a safe in the back of the truck, too, but there wasn’t enough time for him to take it. Frank’s friend and his father received 20 percent of the take.

The next day the missing money was reported in the newspaper. The reporter said the driver of the truck was being investigated; the next story said it must have been an inside job. A later article said the money bags had probably fallen out the back door of the truck. There was never an official version of what happened.  


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