Operation Family Secrets Trial Site


In April 2005, 14 alleged members of the Chicago Outfit were named in a federal RICO indictment. The allegations in the indictment included 18 previously unsolved old gangland murders. Among them were the killings of Tony and Michael Spilotro. In the 1995 movie “Casino,” the characters based on the Spilotros were shown beaten to death and buried in a cornfield.

The so-called Family Secrets Trial began in Chicago this June. By the time the trial ended in September, all but six defendants had been severed from the case for one reason or another. The government scored a home run against that six-pack, however, getting guilty verdicts against all of them.

During the trial, testimony revealed that the Spilotros had actually been killed in the basement of a home in a Chicago suburb prior to burial in a cornfield across the border in Indiana. According to a man who admitted partcipating in those murders and subsequently became a government witness, there were about a dozen killers involved. As the Spilotros entered the basement thinking they were going to receive an elevated status in the Outfit, the mobsters pounced on them. Tony Spilotro was being held while a man named Louie “the Mooch” Eboli wrapped a rope around Michael Spilotro’s neck.

In a rather ironic twist, Frank Cullotta had once sought permission to kill the Mooch. His request was turned down  first by Joey “the Clown” Lombardo, and later by Tony Spilotro.  The US Dept. of Justice has a site that contains much of the evidence used in the trial the URL is:



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