Personal Matters

cullotta-cover-web.jpg Frank’s criminal career progressed he had more contact with the police and the justice system. But he was able to get the most serious charges against him dismissed or bargained down to misdemeanors. Although he and Tony had different career goals, they kept in contact.

Excerpted from CULLOTTAThe Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster, and Government Witness

Although Frank and Tony had gone separate ways in their careers, with Tony pursuing an association with the Outfit while Frank preferred to remain independent, the two stayed in contact and worked together on occasion.

One of those times was when Tony needed help in settling a personal matter. Tony stopped by Frank’s house. “Frankie, there’s a guy trying to give me a fuckin’ and I want to teach him a lesson. I figure you, me and maybe one other guy ought to scoop this bastard up and give him a beating. What do you say?”

Frank asked, “Who is this guy? What did he do?”

“His name is Robin Dragon. He was supposed to arrange to have some legal work done for me. He told me the lawyers wanted three grand [three thousand dollars], but I found out they were only charging half that much. This prick Dragon was planning to pocket the extra fifteen hundred. We’ll pick him up and take him to your garage and work him over.”

“Sure, I’ll help you out,” Frank said.

Tony contacted Dragon and said he needed to meet with him. Tony, Frank and one of their friends, went to pick the victim up; Frank was driving. Dragon got in the car without realizing what was going on. Tony and his helper went to work on him right away, tying him up and taping his mouth shut. Then they beat on him while Frank drove to his place. Once inside the garage they yanked Dragon out of the car and continued the beating. Tony snarled, “You think you’re going to rob me, you rotten prick? Who do you think you’re fuckin’ with, you cocksucker?” He then hit the prisoner so hard with his .38 that it bent the trigger guard. Dragon went into convulsions, and then soiled his pants.

When the beating was over Dragon got down on his knees and thanked his captors for not killing him. The battered man was taken back to his neighborhood and dumped down a sewer. The following day the newspapers reported that a passerby had heard somebody hollering for help from the sewer. The police came and found Dragon all beat up. He told them he’d been mugged by unknown assailants.

Another incident of addressing a perceived injustice involved Crazy Bob Sprodak, Frank’s first armed robbery partner. Sprodak came to Frank and complained that members of a gang known as the K Knights had roughed him up. He said these were some big, mean guys and he needed help in getting his revenge.

 Tony and Frank told Bob they’d help him. The trio put together some Molotov cocktails, got a couple of rifles and stole a car. With Tony driving they pulled up in front of the K Knights’ hangout, got out of the car, fired a few shots through the window and tossed in the Molotovs. As the cops closed in Tony and Bob got away, but Frank was arrested. He was charged with arson and attempted murder. His lawyer was able to get the arson rap dropped completely and the attempted murder reduced to a misdemeanor. For the third straight time Frank had avoided a felony conviction. He drew another year of incarceration, this time in the county jail. 

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